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Back in stock Alerts for Shopify
Subscriptions for Shopify
Discount management for Shopify
Let customers pre-order items when you are out-of-stock and notify them when you restock via Email & Push notifications
Make Recurring Subscriptions for your Shopify stores easy, Subify is THE All-in-One App for Subscription Payments
Discounted sale campaigns increase store's revenue. Discounty makes it automatic with a simple setup

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Quality Apps

We provide apps that have proved to grow your business


We provide apps that have proved to grow your business​​

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We are available to make sure your questions are answered fast

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Over 10 great customer care specialists are waiting to help you grow your business

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Hengam apps are definitely worth the price you pay for them

Simplifying E-Commerce With Smart Solutions

Founded in 2020, Hengam is responsible for completing the mission to help Shopify stores grow their business and increase their net profit. Hengam is an e-commerce solution provider based in Canada and has helped more than 8,000 Shopify stores so far.

Notify Me: +700 Reviews, 4.9/5
Subify: +150 Reviews, 4.9/5
Discounty: +50 Reviews, 5/5

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Building Shopify apps for any store. Whether you’re starting your Shopify store or are an 8-figure Shopify store, We have the tools for you!

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