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Provide Your Customer’s Needs

Hengam is an app provider for Shopify which helps merchants increase sales and revenue.

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of consumers have admitted that a lack of inventory hurts their experience .

How It Works?

1. Download App

Download the app you need from Shopify Apps. You can find Restock Alerts Here.

2. Choose Your Button Style

After successfully installing the app, you can choose your button format according to your shop theme.

3. Choose Your Connection Way

Email and push notifications are available to notify customers about restocking a product.

4. Analyze Reports

Learn more about most wanted products and other information in your panel and manage your inventory.

Download Restock Alerts

Why Hengam Apps?

World-Class Support 24/7

Hengam support team is always ready to help you with any problem you encounter.

No Coding Effort

Hengam automatically captures user behavior, so you don’t need to implement any event(‘sign-up’) into your app.

Start Free, Pay With Growth!

Hengam is moderately priced for small businesses and startups that can’t hire engagement specialists or expensive marketing tools.

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Churn and Lifetime

Get insight about your application uninstall or churn rate and lifetime and choose the best action for your users.

Quick Churn

In average, 30% of users uninstall an app after checking it out in the first day. You will have enough time to take action, using Hengam.

Promotion Management

Send the best personalized discounts for each visitor and increase the conversion with the minimum required amount from your marketing budget.

Available in Future

Do you want to be friends with your users right now?