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Abandoned Cart Recovery Techniques

One of the online shop’s biggest problems are Abandoned Carts. According to Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics gathered by Baymard, 69.23% is the cart abandonment rate for the average online store. The good news is abandoned carts can be recovered. These days most online shoppings is done on mobile phones and also cart abandonment happen there. So by learning a few techniques and optimizing your app and monitoring customer’s journey you can recover abandoned carts and increase your revenue. Let’s see how in the article below.

What Is an Abandoned Cart?

First Let’s clarify about an abandoned cart. An abandoned cart happens when a customer adds items to their cart and doesn’t go through the purchase steps. You may have seen customers in your online store who added items to their cart but left them without further action. This may have several reasons such as high shipping costs or second thoughts of customers. Whatever the reason is the consequences is abandoned carts.

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Why Do People Leave Their Carts?

There are numerous reasons for customers to leave their carts without buying anything. Here we name a few that came from asking them in different surveys by big companies:

  1. They’re curious and are checking the total price with shipping and taxes
  2. They intended to buy but were distracted and never had a chance to finish the process. That happens in new visited websites more.
  3. Sending abandoned cart email or push notification with a discount is customary. So maybe they’re waiting for such an email or push from you for saving more money.
  4. Maybe the item isn’t necessary and they’re waiting to buy it in a better time or with a seasonal offer. 
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Abandoned Carts Recovery Reasons

Recovering Abandoned Carts may seem hard, first of all it isn’t and second it has lots of benefits:

  1. Increase Sales

Imagine all items in abandoned carts of your site were purchased. A load of money, right? So you can boost your online store’s revenue by helping a customer complete their purchase. And you should know The recovery not only boosts your profit but also saves money. It is cheaper to encourage a customer to last levels of funnel than getting a new customer. Cart abandonment emails and push notifications are cheaper than ads on Google or Shopify.

  1. Knowing The Reason Of Lower Sales

While inspecting abandoned cart reasons you can gather precious information about lower sales. If discounts are effective at recovering abandoned carts your product pricing might be too high for the average consumer. High shipping cost is another reason for abandoning carts and free shipping has always been a great motivation for completing purchase.. By analyzing abandoned carts, you can become a better store owner, and you realize areas you can improve the business. Also It helps you optimize your online store for conversions so you can increase sales.

Remember If a customer showed interest in a product, even if it resulted in cart abandonment, they were planning to buy your product and they’ll be happy to complete their purchase. Some online store owners assume customers made the decision to not buy their product. Even a small discount can bring back the customer to your online store.

abandoned cart recovery reasons

How to Recover Abandoned Carts

1. Push Notifications

The messages sent by an app or website and appear on your mobile screen or monitor are push notifications. You can learn more about them here. One of the most effective ways of recovering abandoned carts are push notifications. You can improve abandoned cart recovery rate by sending personalized push notifications to customers in your Shopify online store . Push Notifications are not just for recovering abandoned carts. You can use them to offer special discounts and let them know about new items.

2. Emails

Emails are also popular to improve your cart abandonment rate beside push notifications. But using emails may have risks such as not being opened, spamed etc. On the other hand you should consider writing a good and effective email needs time. You have to come up with a good subject that persuades customers to open and you should use images and rich context for the inside.

3. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads are another way to help boost your abandoned cart recovery by presenting customers with the exact product(s) that they’ve abandoned. You can advertise your product with Facebook pixel or Google RSLA on your store so that you present each individual customer the exact item they’ve abandoned. Retargeting ads are effective too but may cost a little more than push notifications and emails.

how to recover abandoned carts

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