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BestPush step by step guide

How to Work with BestPush: A step-by-step guide

What is BestPush? BestPush is a smart autonomous push notification app (Shopify Plugin). BestPush sends web push notifications and Emails that helps your shop with lost sales. Sold out products or Abandoned carts are a big deal in a customer’s journey. BestPush helps you Notify

app user data

Interesting Data About App Users 2020

There has been a sharp increase in the development of mobile applications, and as an app owner, you want the number of downloads to be as high as possible and the number of uninstalls to be minimum. So, to market the right users and keep them satisfied, you need to know their characteristics and interests.

rule-based vs. machine learning

Marketing in 2020: Compare Rule-based vs. Machine-learning

Personalization is the key to successful marketing and it can have many forms. The key to a successful personalization is matching the strategy to the goal to get the most out of personalization efforts. Two approaches can be taken here: Rule-based marketing and Machine-learning marketing.

benchmark with hengam

Benchmark Against Others, with Hengam

Hengam helps you with the benchmarking for free. If you give the name and category of your app to Hengam, you will get the results on how your rivals are doing in the market and what are the current numbers in your industry. Based on this, you can set reasonable goals and reach them.

success stories with hengam

Success Story of a Food App with Hengam

Hengam can be used in any business with any size. With its help you can easily identify and re-engage your app’s inactive users, reduce churn, and increase happy customers. Read about the success apps earned with the help of Hengam.

Hengam's challenges

Hengam’s Challenges

Most of the machine learning applications face a variety of challenges when they come into real world applications; so does Hengam. Among these challenges, having clean data is a common basic problem, which usually leads to handling noise and missing values.