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How to Capture lost Shopify sales with Back In Stock Notifications?

Online store owners are no strangers to inventory problems. Everyone may run out of products and it’s important to think about that day. Most visitors check out site once and never come back specially when the demanded product is out of sale. In this situation using back in stock notifications is the best solution.

If you have a store in Shopify and don’t pay attention to stock management and out of stock follow up system, your customers may be led elsewhere.Having a plan and using apps can save you from losing out without trying hard.

Read more about back in stock notifications and it’s power to divert considerable amounts of potential lost revenue back.

Why should we use Back In Stock Notifications?

There are two types of customers: The ones that exactly know what they want and buy it and the ones who are just browsing or as we call them window shoppers.

For the first type it’s important to have the demanded product soon and if it is out of stock now, they want to know about restock.

For the second type it might be less important but that’s not true. 

On Shopify, out of stock products are not hidden. So, window shoppers may find an out of stock product fascinating and tend to buy it later. On the other hand you can have a sale opportunity after restock and persuade window shoppers or the ones doubting to buy the product. by using back in stock email and push notifications you can capture lost revenue here.

So with back in stock email customers or visitors realize the product will be available any time soon again. Also you don’t have to take that down. Taking a product out of store is not so good for SEO and you might lose traffic and causes lost revenue.

capturing lost sales with back in stock notifications

What is a back in stock notifications or email alert?

Scenario 1

visitor lands on category page with out of stock product

click to view product

goes to buy elsewhere

scenario 2

visitor lands on product page with out of stock product

sees  ‘get notified when back in stock’ button

clicks button and allows push notifications and emails

receives back in stock email and push notification

clicks on the call to action push notification or email

lands on product page

clicks ‘add to cart’

checks out

It’s easy to see which scenario is preferable. If you’re stuck with scenario one, your bottom line clearly suffers. If you are proactive and do something about it using back in stock email for instance, then you can improve the customer experience and increase sales.

The beauty is that it is simple to set up and it can be done almost immediately.

Shopping scenarios

Getting to know BestPush, the Shopify Back In Stock App

BestPush can help you with sending back in stock push notification and  back in stock email and capture lost revenue and sales.

Key features:

  • Easy to setup and autonomous
  • No coding required
  • Customizable widgets to suit your site theme
  • Acquiring subscribers automatically
  • Service support for all of our users

Working with BestPush is easy and you can send email or push notification for capturing lost revenue.

 BestPush, the Shopify Back In Stock App

How Does Back In Stock Notifications Help Businesses?

  • Increasing existing traffic 

By using back in stock notifications more people are led to your website and more traffic means selling more!

  • Increase sales and revenue

Back in stock email or notifications reminds people about a product they wanted and was not available. Now by reminding them they tend to come back to your site and buy it. more traffic means gaining lost revenue and that happens with more visitors who turn in to customers.

  • Building a relation with customer

Customers like to feel important and have a more human relation with business. back in stock messages are a way to show they’re important and you care about them.

  • Easy to use and automated

The panel is quite easy and almost everything is automated. Just command and watch!

  • Give visitors an option

Visitors like to have the option of checking the product later when it’s available. Back in stock messages gives them that option.

  • Let visitors know about restock

Just like what we said earlier visitors like to know about restock and also the discounts which came with restock! back in stock notifications and back in stock email is the best way to inform them.

Back In Stock Notification benefits

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