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benchmark with hengam

Benchmark Against Others, with Hengam

Hengam helps you with the benchmarking for free. If you give the name and category of your app to Hengam, you will get the results on how your rivals are doing in the market and what are the current numbers in your industry. Based on this, you can set reasonable goals and reach them.

Hengam's challenges

Hengam’s Challenges

Most of the machine learning applications face a variety of challenges when they come into real world applications; so does Hengam. Among these challenges, having clean data is a common basic problem, which usually leads to handling noise and missing values.

Hengam User Engagement Platform

What is Hengam?

Hengam is an AI-based user engagement platform, which provides you with data, dashboards, insights, and predictions about your user base. With its help, you will be able to revive your users automatically.

Hengam Helps Decrease App Uninstalls

Poeple uninstall apps on their devices regularly and with many different reasons. Some of these people can be convinced to keep the app, but not all of. Here’s how Hengam can help you with the task.