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Find answer to your questions about Hengam

General Questions

Hengam is a user engagement platform that sends automated messages to your app’s user base, according to their persona and characteristics. Its artificial intelligence engine learns about your users, specifically, and tries to reach them at the right time with the right message.

No. Working with Hengam is very simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge. As the user of the service, you just need to write the messages you need to deliver to users and monitor how everything is working. Hengam will do the segmentation and sends your messages automatically.

However, for implementing Hengam’s SDK into your system in the beginning, you might need your developer’s help.

You can start using Hengam for free, for up to 1000 monthly active app users – no credit card required.

For larger user bases, you will be charged based on the number of your monthly active users. To see prices, check here.

For now, Hengam engages mobile application users. It can be used for both android and iOS apps that are developed in android studio (android native), Xcode (iOS native), unity, and react-native frameworks. More frameworks will be added in the near future.

Yes. You can add your team members to work with Hengam and help engaging users better. Developers can also be added to your panel to help you add Hengam’s SDK in the app.

Right now, Hengam sends out messages in the form of push notification on mobile and tablet devices. Different kinds of push notifications are supported by Hengam. More messaging channels will be added to Hengam, soon.


MAU is the abbreviation of Monthly Active Users, and it stands for the number of unique users who engage with your product over a 30-day period (i.e. a month).

High-risk users are those currently active users whom Hengam predicts that may uninstall your app in a week. 

Churn rate is defined as the ratio of those who exit before 7 days from the installation date to all users. 

User lifetime is calculated by averaging the number of days users have kept your app before they have uninstalled it from their device.

The first time a user opens an app, Hengam detects an install and begins to learn about that user’s persona and characteristics.

To count the number of uninstalls, Hengam frequently sends hidden notifications to users. Then the FCM will try to deliver the message and if it doesn’t find the installation, it will report an uninstall.

Hengam only monitors those users who have the version of the app that contains Hengam’s SDK. Usually, not all users have the latest version of the app on their phones, and as long as users have not updated their apps to a version that has Hengam’s SDK there will be some difference in the reported number of users.

Setup Process

You should sign in to Hengam Dashboard and add your app name. Then You  need to add Hengam’s SDK to your app and activate it. This can be done following our documents and guidelines.

First, you should submit the app store link to your app or app’s package name or  its bundle ID. Then you should add Hengam’s SDK with the specific token to your app. Now, Hengam is connected and ready to do its job.

Everything you need to know about activation can also be found as a quick setup guide in your dashboard.

You can also invite your developer to do the task for you

This is either happening because you have not activated your app yet, or you have not released an update of the app that includes Hengam’s SDK.

You can find your app’s token in the steps of activation (integrating SDK to your app) as well as other codes that need to be inserted in your app.

Alternatively, you can go to the setting for the app and find the token.

To find your android app’s package name, read this guideline.

To find your iOS app’s bundle ID, read this guideline.

After you activate Hengam, you will see a list of devices in the “Overview” section of your panel. You can choose any one of them as your test device and receive messages on it before they are scheduled for your users.

You can also access the list of devices that have installed your app in “Settings” later, find your own device based on its configurations and installation date, and set it as a test device.

Prices and Billing

You can start using Hengam for free, for up to 1000 monthly active app users – no credit card required.

For larger user bases, you will be charged based on the number of your monthly active users. To see prices, check here.

Yes. You can use Hengam for free for your first 1000 monthly active users. No credit card required.

You can pay directly from a credit card or with Paypal. You will be charged monthly and the receipt of each payment can be found in your account, under “Billing”.

You can simply remove your app from your panel. After the removal, you will get one week to restore your data. If you do not return within a week, everything about your app will be removed permanently and you will no longer be charged for the service.