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Smart Segmentation

Hengam segments users based on their behavior, interests, and the probability of them leaving your app. This helps you to define different messages and offers that suit each group best and get the best results.

Hengam Smart Segmentation
Segments based on uninstall risk

Users are divided into three different groups regarding their risk of uninstalling the app: high-risk, normal, and low-risk. This way you will be able to know the risk of users leaving your product and take precautionary actions.

Segments based on personas

Hengam puts users into different segments based on their personal characteristics as well. A special offer for those users that “are into shopping, but are also price-sensitive” is something they cannot turn down.

Quick churners

Quick churners are those who uninstall the app within 24 hours of its installation. These users are also under Hengam’s radar, so that a fast and appropriate action is taken towards keeping them.

Control Groups

Measuring the effectiveness of your messages is possible by comparing the performance indicators between those who have been regularly reached by Hengam and those who have been excluded, i.e. the control groups.

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Hengam Flawless Messaging

Flawless Messaging

It’s more than just an automation service. By studying users behavior and the messages you want to deliver, Hengam picks out the best message for each user and sends it out in a time that seems to be more effective. Hengam’s actions are based on learning from you and they get better with time.

Best time to deliver

Your messages will be sent to users at the time they are most likely to be engaged.

Right message for the right user

Here is how it works: You give Hengam content of the messages you want your users to hear, and it will figure out which one is best for each user, through automatic A/B testing.

Reports and analytics

Get access to the reports and analytics for each message. The number of clicks and the overall success of a message in bringing users back to the app will help you understand what your users like and improve your messages.

Auto evaluation

No need to worry about sending out old or unsuccessful messages anymore. Hengam automatically stops sending those messages that are not working to your advantage and asks you to provide fresh copies.

Setting priorities and validity periods

Determine the period of your campaigns, prioritize some messages over others, pause campaigns temporarily, and in a word, be in control of adjusting your campaigns with real-time events.

Push Notifications that Work

Hengam uses push notifications to send messages to different segments of users. By sending the right message at the right time to the right user, it increases the probability of users returning to and engaging with your app by 10%; even those who have not opened your app in a long time.

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Hengam Push Notification
Rich media

Our push notification service supports images, animated GIFs, action buttons, and emojis to draw user’s attention.

Deep links and URLs

You can use deep links or URLs as your push action or its button to lead users to a specific page of your app or a landing page.

Message Preview

You can see how your messages will look on different mobile platforms as you are writing them.

Test on Real Device

You can send your messages as push notifications to your test device, before setting them to go out to users, to make sure that they work correctly.

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Analytics and Insights

Always be aware of your users’ churn metrics, know which persona group of users tend to leave your app, get predictions about the future, and make better decisions.

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Hengam Crucial Insights
Churn and Engagement Metrics

Changes in the churn rate, quick churn, uninstalls, user lifetime, new users, and revived users over time are reported, in addition to the comparison within your industry and Hengam’s usefulness.

User Satisfaction

Know which persona groups seem to be more satisfied with your app and try to make a better experience for everyone by fine tuning your app and messages.

Persona insights

Knowing user characteristics will help you create personalized messages and generate successful campaigns. Minimalist or collector, thrifty or lavish, reserved or adventurous? The users are now grouped by their personal characteristics and interests for you.

Predictive analytics

Based on the trends in measured metrics, Hengam provides you with predictions. Moreover, if something goes wrong or deviates from the normal behavior within your app, you will be notified immediately.

Hengam Benchmark Insights

Benchmark Insights

With Hengam, you will get the results on how your rivals are doing in the market, what are the current numbers in your industry, compare your metrics to similar apps, and consequently, set reasonable goals and reach them.

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Uninstall rate

By knowing the average uninstall rate of apps in your industry, you can see how satisfied users are with your app.

Quick churn rate

The average rate of uninstallation within 24 hours of installation in the industry, aka the quick churn rate, helps you understand the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Users’ Lifetime

The average lifetime of users gives you an idea about how long users usually need or use your app, and how much value you have been bringing to your users.

Users’ Persona

Users of similar applications are similar in characteristics, which means that by analyzing their demographics and interests you will be able to target the right users for your app.

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