What Are Push Notifications?

What Are Push Notifications?



A push notification is a message that reaches people on their computers, cellphones, or their tablet devices. These messages are usually short and have call-to-actions, meaning that they urge people to take an action. This is why they are one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

Push notifications are sent from apps or websites to their users — the ones that are sent from websites are called web push notifications. BestPush is a tool that lets you send web push notifications to the potential customers of your online shop.

Web push notifications can be sent at any time, whether the person receiving it has your shop open on their browser or not (a good example would be a notify me button on Shopify).

If the potential customer has their browser open on their computer or other devices, they will receive your notifications. BestPush’s advantage in sending web push notifications is that it finds the best time and the best message to contact each potential customer, and sends them the notifications automatically.

So, you don’t have to do anything and everything will be taken care of automatically.

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Why are push notifications used?


Push notifications provide value to users. For example, users can receive:

    • Sports news right on their lock screen


    • Utility messages like weather traffic reports


    • Flight check-in, change, and connection information


For online shops, push notifications are a direct way to speak to a user. They can notify customers about the demanded products. They can also be used to drive actions, such as:

    • Promoting products or offers to increase sales


    • Improving customer experience


    • Abandoned cart recovery


    • back in stock alerts



Web Push Notification Anatomy


Web push notifications include the following elements:

    • Notification Title: Most brands use their name here.


    • Notification Content: The message sent. Character count is different between browsers.  The shorter the better.


    • Notification URL: The domain sending the web notification.


    • Notification Icon: Logo or any image.


    • Browser Icon: The logo of the browser sending the notification. This can not be removed.



Browsers and devices that support web push notifications




Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari currently support web push.


Notifications are different in appearance between browsers and operating systems.




Web push messages work on any computer or laptop running a supported browser, whether it is a PC or Mac.


However not every mobile device can receive web push messages. iOS (Apple) mobile devices do not support mobile web push notifications right now.


Android mobile devices support mobile web push notifications for users using browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on their devices.


How will people receive web push notifications?


Customers should give you permission to send them push notifications; otherwise, they are a violation of the user’s privacy rights. These permissions will be taken from the user in the form of something called “Widgets.”


Widgets will be shown sometimes when users are giving a visit to your website, asking them whether they want to be notified or not.


ReStock also optimizes the time and the way users are asked to give you permission to send them push notifications. Our widgets look like this:



If the user clicks on allow, then they will see the original prompt of the browser and they need to accept that as well. The reason behind why we, as BestPush, ask them with a different message before the browser’s message is that if the user clicks on the block button of the browser message, then you will lose your chance of getting their permission forever.

So, with our customized messages, we try to increase the chance of people opting in for receiving your messages.




After giving you the required permission, users will receive relevant web push notifications based on their behavior within your shop. These messages will contain call-to-actions, and sometimes discounts, to persuade the users to go for the purchase.

By clicking on the actions specified in the notifications sent from your shop, users will be directed to your website or the webpage of one of your specific products and they can continue their purchase from there.








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