How to Work with BestPush: A step-by-step guide

How to Work with BestPush: A step-by-step guide



What is BestPush?

BestPush is a smart autonomous push notification app (Shopify Plugin). BestPush sends web push notifications and Emails that helps your shop with lost sales. Sold out products or Abandoned carts are a big deal in a customer’s journey. BestPush helps you Notify your customers to finalize purchases.

The main goal for BestPush is to increase sales by encouraging visitors to make a purchase. This goal is achieved by giving users the perfectly personalized offers via web push notifications after their shop visit.

By personalized messages we mean that notifications include the name and image of the product the visitor has previously shown interest in. Doing so, we make sure that your shop stays at the top of their minds. These notifications sometimes include product recommendations and discounts, and aim to finalize the visitors’ purchase.


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How to Work with BestPush?

We are going to provide you with everything you need to know on how to work with BestPush, to get the most out of it.

BestPush’s panel consists of different pages, so that you can manage everything beautifully. In order for you to learn how to work with BestPush, we will go through each page of the panel, step by step.

Once you log in to your BestPush account you will be directed to the “Home” tab. On this page you will see a couple of numbers, as a summary of everything that is going on in your account and the services you have activated.


bestpush dashboard


Back In Stock

Back in Stock brings customers back to your store and helps you convert those sales you would have missed otherwise. Also, with the help of our back in stock alerts you might reorganize your inventory and get more of the high-demand products.

By opening the tab you will see waiting requests, sent notifications and subscribers. For having more details you can click on Manage and see all products that customers want them as soon as they are in stock again.

Also all setting for writing a back in stock notification is here. By clicking on Notification Setting you can see everything needed for writing a notification or email and you can customize your messages.


back in stock


Abandoned Cart

Web push notifications make abandoned cart recovery easy. After a potential customer leaves his or her cart, BestPush tries to recover them by sending a reminder push notification or Email at the right time to encourage them to come back and finalize the purchase.

Like back in stock all settings can be customized here as well.


abandoned cart recovery


Encourage To Visit

Persuading visitors, who have looked through the shop but left it without taking any other actions, to come back and take another look will increase the probability of your sales. Personalized notifications will be sent to your potential customers, to bring your shop to their attention and encourage them to make a purchase.

Change the settings by clicking manage.


encourage to visit


Coming Soon: Price Drop Alerts:

When the prices of specific products drop since the visitor’s last visit, or there is a special promotion going on, you can notify your customers about them.


How to Work with BestPush: Notifications

This is where you have access to the core of BestPush: Push Notifications. We have created some template messages in your panel. You can always activate the ones you think are better for your business or deactivate the ones you no longer want to send out to customers. You also have the possibility to edit and modify any of these messages based on your needs.

However, keep in mind that what you see as a preview of these notifications is just a sample. For the customers, the notifications will include an actual name and image of one the products in your shop — and probably a logical discount percentage, if you have activated discount settings.


How to Work with BestPush: Widgets

Have you ever opened a website and saw the message “Do you want to receive notifications?” and immediately hit “No”? That message is called a “subscription widget” and is used to get your permission so that the shop can send you web push notifications.

If the message is not asked in the right way and at the right time (the moment you have opened the website for the first time is obviously not a good time!), it will drive users away and no one will opt in to receive notifications. This is why it is so important to ask every visitor differently, and based on their behavior on the website during their visit, so that the probability of them accepting to receive notifications maximizes.

Just like the “Notifications” tab, we have created some template messages for the widgets that will be shown to the visitors of your shop. You can choose between these messages and deactivate the ones you don’t want to be sent to visitors. You also have the option to edit these messages and make them perfect for your needs — for example, writing them in your local language so that visitors can understand better.

Keep in mind that asking for permission is done in two steps. First the shop visitors will see one of the messages in “Widget”, and if they agree to receive notifications, then they will see the browsers standard prompt message that needs to be accepted as well.


BestPush: Push Notification and Email:

BestPush service is available in both push notifications and email. some customers rather email while others prefer push notification, for that mean BestPush provides both services and you can write your message for push notification or email.


How to Work with BestPush: Pricing

On this tab you will be able to see the current plan you are using (Free, Basic, or Pro), and the number of your notification subscribers. You can change your plan and upgrade it on this page.





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