Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate with BestPush

Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate with BestPush


BestPush is a web push notification service that focuses on maximizing the sales and conversion rates of online shops. This product has been developed as a Shopify app to help online shop owners manage their promotions and special offers automatically.

We are going to introduce this sales boosting Shopify app to you a little bit more:


What Is BestPush and How Does It Work?

Before going into the details of how BestPush can boost your Shopify’s online store’s performance, it is better if you get to know the product a little bit more.

BestPush leverages machine learning algorithms to send perfectly personalized offers via web push notifications. These notifications include product recommendations based on what the visitor has previously visited or shown interest in, and they sometimes include discounts to persuade the visitors to make a purchase.

The machine learning algorithms also help with estimating the price sensitivity of visitors and the likelihood of each making a purchase. Additionally, throughout time BestPush learns the behavior algorithm of your shop visitors and the way they react to different messages at different times. With all of this information taken into account, BestPush constantly improves its performance.

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How Will BestPush Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate?

Now that you know what BestPush is and how it works, let’s see how it can help you increase your conversion rate and sales:


1. As we mentioned before, BestPush works based on machine learning algorithms and learns the interests and the behavior of visitors. Using the information, it will then send highly personalized notifications to your shop visitors. Personalized messages seem very relevant to the visitors and since they include product recommendations, they are more likely to motivate them to buy something. So, by using BestPush you can make sure that the most relevant content will be sent to visitors automatically.


2. BestPush’s notifications are actionable. It’s not just about sending a message to the visitors, because they will ignore it or forget it after a while, but it’s about creating a relationship with the visitors through these messages. Actionable push notifications require potential customers to take an action when they see the message, and we know that increasing the engagement of customers with the product will eventually increase the conversion rate.


3. Everything is automated in BestPush. Once people visit your shop, BestPush starts learning about them and contacts them with push notifications at the right time. Whether a user has abandoned their shopping cart or has visited a specific product but has not bought it yet, BestPush reaches them with an appealing offer and tries to regain their interest in making a purchase. Without BestPush, it is not possible to communicate with these visitors manually.


4. BestPush constantly tests the messages and learns which one works best in some situations. There are several different notification messages available in BestPush that can be sent to visitors, and based on what has been learnt from the test, each visitor will be contacted with one of these messages. This personalization increases the attractiveness of push notifications, which cannot be achieved by sending one single general notification to all visitors.


5. Push notifications are one of the most powerful tools in user engagement, and notifications sent at the right time have proven to increase the be a good way for increasing the conversion rate in the apps and websites. BestPush, as an automation tool, can send push notifications at the right moments to your customers and shop visitors, and increase the rate of engagement with your products, and subsequently, the conversion rate of your Shopify store.


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