Interesting Data About App Users 2022

Interesting Data About App Users 2022



Why do we need data about app users?

With the galloping rate at which technology is developing and people using digital technology more and more every day, we can see that there has also been a sharp increase in the development of mobile applications. These applications are built to meet the different needs of people, from workouts and health apps to games and more.

As an app developer or owner, you want the number of downloads to be as high as possible and the number of uninstalls to be a minimum. This can consequently have an impact on the amount of your income from the app. So, to market to the right users and keep them satisfied, you need to know their characteristics and interests. The more data about app users you have, the better you can learn about the target audience of each app and market them more appropriately.

Hengam categorizes users into 18 different categories based on their characteristics and interests. For 61 different app categories, you will be able to get insights into users’ characteristics, and their average lifetime and average churn rate. If you are just starting to develop an app, this data can help you figure out which app category to invest in; and if you already own an app, you can compare your data to Hengam’s data and see where you stand and what you need to consider in your future marketing campaigns.


Characteristics for Users – Data About App Users


Hengam categorizes users’ characteristics into the following categories:

    • Aesthete: those who are into art
    • Stylish: those who care about their looks
    • Movie fan: those who are big fans of movies
    • Music lover: those who listen to music a lot
    • Learner: those who are always trying to learn something new
    • Parent: those who have become parents or take care of someone
    • News junkie: those who are always following the latest news online
    • Foodie: those who really enjoy eating food
    • Economical: those who spend wisely
    • Shopping lover: those who are into shopping and are always found in shopping malls or online shops
    • Bookworm: those who read a lot
    • Financial experts: those who have knowledge about finance
    • Heathy: those who take care of their health and well-being
    • Travel enthusiast: those who like to travel a lot
    • Gamer: those who spend a lot of time playing games
    • Sports fan: those who are huge fans of sports
    • Ready to mingle: those who are single and are looking for dates



Some App Categories in Hengam’s database:


    • Art and Design
    • Augmented Reality
    • Automobiles and Vehicles
    • Beauty
    • Books and References
    • Business
    • Comics
    • Communication
    • Dating
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Events
    • Food and Drink
    • Health and Fitness
    • Maps and Navigation
    • Music and Podcasts
    • News and Magazines
    • Photography
    • Productivity
    • Shopping
    • Travel
    • Weather
    • Games



Apps in the Productivity Category


Let’s go through the metrics and data about app users who are using the apps that have been developed in the productivity category. Those are the apps that help you become better in your daily activities from task management tools and calenders to meditation.

Since people download and use these apps to make a commitment to themselves and make improvements, it can be expected that they would keep the apps for a relatively long time. Not so much to our surprise, the average user lifetime in the productivity category is 193 days, and the average churn rate is 10.86%.

Now, let’s see what the characteristics of productivity app users are:

They are 79.7% learners, 69.29% bookworms, 69.51% economical, 61.79% experts in finance, and 62.80% news junkies. For their personal characteristics, we could say they are 69.78% foodies, 69.27% into shopping, 64.94% into fashion and styles, 45.09% travel enthusiasts, and 29.35% sports fans. More than half of the productivity app users are fans of both movies and music.

Another interesting data about these users is that less than 1% of them are single. Well, seems like single people tend to not bother themselves with planning and productivity that much!


User lifetime and uninstall rate for the “productivity” category


Apps in the Health and Fitness Category


If we are honest with ourselves, we can see that most of us have been through this loop where we start working out and eating healthy for a couple of weeks, and just as we see we have a fitter body, we stop everything. As the data suggests, the average lifetime for the health and fitness category is also about 60 days.

It is not surprising that 99.94% of the people who install these apps care about their health, and 74.24% of them are also sports fans. 70.20% of these users are foodies (no wonder they have to work out to burn those calories!). The users are also 68.95% economical, which can support the assumption that they are using apps on their devices to work out at home and avoid paying for gym memberships.


User lifetime and uninstall rate for the “health and fitness” category



Apps in the Business Category


With 448 days for their average lifetime and an 8.89% average churn rate, we can say that these users are the people you should invest in. It is always better to focus on those users that stay with you for a long time because they are the ones that bring in the most profit for you. This is actually the reason behind user engagement and churn reduction since it will increase the average lifetime of users and the number of users who will stay with your product for a longer period of time.

If you want to know more about these users to be able to market them more precisely, we can tell you that more than half of them are economical, bookworms, learners, financial experts, and news junkies. About 60% of them are also into fashion and style (businessmen and businesswomen usually dress up nicely; don’t they?)


User lifetime and uninstall rate for the “business” category



Apps in the Music and Podcasts Category


Because life has become so hectic nowadays, people are drawn to audio products more than ever. They listen to podcasts or audiobooks while they are on their way to work and they listen to music when they are working out at the gym. This means that the request for good music and podcast apps has increased a lot.

Obviously, users of music apps are music lovers. Data shows that about 81.30% of the users are music lovers and 78.72% are movie fans. This also explains why data suggests that 69.19% of them are into the arts.


User lifetime and uninstall rate for the “music” category



Why does Hengam have this data?


Hengam is a smart user engagement platform, which currently works by sending out personalized push notifications. These personalized messages are chosen based on each user’s characteristics. For example, we see that a user is young, is a gamer, and has the “achiever” personality type. Then, the best message is sent to him or her at the right time to create as much engagement as possible. To sum up, Hengam has all of this data about different apps and different user characteristics and uses it to the advantage and the interest of both users and app owners.


To explore more data, visit Hengam.


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