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Marketing automation tools are software and technologies that help businesses market more effectively on digital channels and automate repetitive time-consuming tasks. However, these tools are usually very expensive and cannot be used by all businesses. This is why we have decided to introduce you to tools for marketing automation for small businesses.

Marketing automation tools result in increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns and reducing human error. These tools are available for different digital marketing channels; some even support more than one.


Areas Marketing Automation Can Help You In:


    • Productivity:

Automation tools save you a lot of time and effort while decreasing the probability of errors. Optimization tasks in the business can be done much easier with the help of marketing automation tools.

    • Expenses:

Although some marketing automation tools seem expensive, in the long run, they can lower your expenses. How? Well, with the help of marketing automation tools you no longer need to have 10 employees doing the same job manually. Paying for software is much less than paying salaries.

    • Analyses:

Marketing automation tools provide their users with almost real-time data and analytics on how their campaigns have been performing. With this, you can constantly make improvements to your marketing campaigns and see what’s happening.


The main difference between marketing automation tools, after their functionality, is their pricing. These tools are usually expensive, because of the high technical tasks they carry out and are not affordable for small businesses. However, some tools have been developed in recent years to cover the needs of marketing automation for small businesses.


To learn more about what marketing automation is, and when it is useful, click below.


List of All Marketing Automation Tools


As we mentioned, there are so many marketing automation tools with different functionalities for different digital marketing channels, and at different prices. Based on the needs (and of course, the size) of a business, marketers decide to choose one or more of them to use.


Here we are going to provide a list of different tools in marketing automation for small businesses:


Marketing Automation for Small Businesses


Many of the marketing automation tools offer cheaper plans with fewer functionalities to small businesses. If you want to work with a marketing automation tool and you find it expensive for your business, try contacting the company and see if they can give you a personalized offer.

If you manage a small business and are thinking about using a marketing automation tool, you need to ask yourself these questions:


1. Do I really need marketing automation?


Yes: If your team cannot handle the task and it’s causing you problems, then go for it.


No: Reconsider the responsibilities of your team members or employees.


2. How is this marketing automation tool is going to help me grow my business?


Is it going to increase your revenues? Is it going to help you organize the work between your sales and marketing team? If yes, go for it.


3. What are the features I am expecting from an automation tool?


Don’t overpay for features you are not going to need or use for your business. In the beginning, stages when a business is still small, every dime matters. Be clear about what you need and use the tool that suits your needs.


4. How expensive is the marketing automation tool I’m considering using?


Think about how much you are earning and how much you can spend on marketing budgets.


5. Is the tool I am considering easy or hard to handle?


If you don’t have the technical resources to implement and use a complicated marketing automation tool, it’s probably better to go for something that is easier to use.



The answers to the above questions determine whether you are making the right decision or not. To be concise, you will be needing a tool when your team.


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