What is Hengam?



What is Hengam?


Hengam is a customer engagement platform. With its help, you will be able to revive your idle users, plus, have insights and data about your users’ behavior.

Right now Hengam focuses on push notification as a channel to re-engage customers. With its AI-based technology, Hengam learns about your users, their behavior, and their risk of uninstalling your app. Then, it will send them the right messages trying to gain their interest, reduce churn, and increase the happiness of customers. The process is handled automatically, so you don’t have to worry about investing too much time in making your users happy.

The goal of Hengam is to provide you with an intelligent interaction platform that:

  1. Personalizes messages and gives you recommendations on how to improve your campaigns
  2. Strengthens the bond between you and your users
  3. Prevents your users from churning, before it is too late



How Does Hengam Work?


As we’ve mentioned before, Hengam is developed based on artificial intelligence and uses machine learning to learn about users. The method of machine learning used by Hengam is actually “supervised learning.” Let’s go more into details, in technical terms:



To explain it a little simpler, we can say that Hengam monitors the behavior of users for a week. Some of these users churn, and some don’t. So, the system learns and remembers the behavior of those users who churn. It then creates a logical flow and checks users according to that. Is this user behaving like those who are about to leave the app? Or do they seem okay for now?

A model is trained based on the data gathered from users in the past, and then the users will be classified with this model.

So, to sum up, we could say Hengam:

    1. Learns about the users (with supervised machine learning)
    2. Predicts their behavior (with its trained model from the previous step)
    3. Acts based on those predictions (as an automated tool)



What data does Hengam have from users?


Hengam has access to five groups of data about people who have installed your app:

    • Mobile specification

Device model, operating system, screen size, and network operator

    • Demographics
    • List of applications

Information about what apps users have on their phones, and when they have installed or uninstalled one.

    • Application usage

Opening times and session durations

    • In-app data

Activities within the app and clicks


Interesting Data About App Users: Read more


Based on the above data, Hengam determines which persona category each user fits into, and then compares their behavior with the other people in the same category; hence, predicting the chances of them churning from the product. Then the messages that have proved to be more effective on that persona group will be sent to the users


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