What Kind of Push Notification Messages Do Users Love More?

What Kind of Push Notification Messages Do Users Love More?



Push notifications are messages that can reach people anywhere and at any time on their digital devices. Push notifications are the most important communications channel used between apps and their users, and they have a huge impact on the engagement rate. However, they have the potential to be disturbing or annoying if not used right.

Push notifications catch the user’s attention. They are a great way to regain the users who aren’t engaging directly with your app. They convey a sense of urgency, which makes users take notice of them– especially when they’re personalized. However, users have the ability to opt out of receiving notifications. This means that you cannot reach everyone through this channel.

To learn more about what push notifications are and how they work, read our article below:


What are Push Notifications?

In the matter of context, there are two types of notifications:

    • Transactional: They include information the user expects to receive, such as delivery confirmation or a reminder.
    • Engaging: They are used for marketing purposes, such as an upcoming sale or a newly launched feature.



How can we send push notifications that users fall in love with?


There are some factors that if you keep in mind and apply to your campaigns your users will fall in love with your messages and opt-in to receive them.


1. Make them personal


Personalized contents are more relevant. Nobody likes to constantly receive messages or push notifications that seem general and don’t seem to be related to them, even though they might be. Personalized messages are more engaging and can help increase your click rates or app openings.

Also, being a little fun won’t hurt anyone. It makes users enjoy reading your messages and helps with staying on top of their minds for the long term. A little advice here would be that don’t try to make jokes about irrelevant topics or things that are not related to your service or users (unless you are an app that publishes jokes!).


2. Alert them in an empathetic and clear manner


Timing is the key to success in sending push notifications. The messages that are sent at the right time with the right content seem like the most relevant ones. As mentioned earlier, users can easily be disturbed by irrelevant and impersonal messages. Push notifications should not be sent at random times. Timing should be based on user preference and the urgency of the message. But because every user and app is different, there is no “optimal time” to send notifications.

If you are a fitness or workout app, you might consider reminding your users to do their daily exercise. If you want to seem empathetic and personal, you can try including in your message that their physical and mental health matters to you, or that you want them to help them have the summer body they always dreamed of. Let them feel you care about them, their plans, and their goals, and you are there to help them not miss anything.


3. Help them on their journey and make it actionable


Good push notifications call users to take action, while vague notifications annoy them. It’s important that your notifications follow a specific action within your app. A simple and clear call to action will increase the user’s ability. After all, you are sending push notifications to engage users with your product, and you cannot do this if you don’t ask for a clear action or don’t convey a clear point.

Also, keep in mind that the more helpful or informative your push notification messages are, the more people will like them. You need to consider the needs and problems of your audience and message them accordingly.


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