Benchmark Against Others, with Hengam

Benchmark Against Others, with Hengam



Every analysis tool provides you with data on your own product: how many users you have earned, what is your traffic, how many people signed up for your premium service, etc. So, you probably know what is the average lifetime of your users or at what rate they leave your app.

Also, every business has its own key performance indicators and goals. These numbers have usually been set based on some logic or what the investors need from the business, instead of being based on reality and the numbers that are considered to be good in that specific industry (although it might not seem like a good number in general). You need to compare your business with your competitors, not the whole world!


How to get the benchmark data with Hengam


Hengam helps you with benchmarking for free. If you give the name and category of your app to Hengam, you will get the results on how your rivals are doing in the market and what are the current numbers in your industry. Based on this, you can set reasonable goals and reach them. If you add your own app to Hengam, it will give you more precise numbers and metrics for your app, so you can compare and contrast yourself with the apps similar to yours.


Benchmark Data on Hengam


Hengam gives you the data about the average churn rate of users in your industry and their average lifetime and their personas. These data and diagrams are based on the category you have released an app in.


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