Success Story of a Food App with Hengam

Success Story of a Food App with Hengam



Hengam’s AI-based user engagement tool can be used in any business of any size. With the help of Hengam, you can easily identify and re-engage your app’s inactive users, reduce churn, and increase happy customers through crucial insights and smart automated data-driven messaging.

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A Success Story in the Food Sector, using Hengam


Barekat is an app that provides a platform for housewives to sell and distribute their homemade products online. Middle-eastern traditional foods require some ingredients that are hard or time-consuming to provide. On the other hand, there are women that are not occupied with a job and have the time to use this opportunity to make money.

The survival of this app depends on the number of purchases. If there are no orders made by customers for a long time, the cooks will no longer be willing to work with this app; and if there are no orders, there are no transactions, which means that the business will fail.

Barekat is a charity platform that helps housewives who are in need of financial support earn money and improve their lives. This means that it cannot invest that much in engaging users constantly and individually. It is also a small business in the matter of human resources.

Hengam was the solution they decided to use. It was affordable, easy to use, and matched their needs. Hengam segments Barekat’s users based on their behavior and send them messages at a time that seems to be more to their attention. The messages are also personalized for different users. These fine-tuned personalized campaigns have helped Barekat’s click rates on push notifications to increase significantly. It has also helped with a steady rate of orders, making sure that the cooks are not left without work and income.


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