BestPush’s Back-in-stock Service

BestPush’s Back-in-stock Service



BestPush is your assistant in getting back lost sales and increasing your revenue. One of the ways BestPush helps you in achieving this goal is by sending back-in-stock messages to your potential customers, via push notifications.


What are back-in-stock messages?

A back-in-stock message is a message that notifies someone that a product they were looking for is restocked. For example, if someone wants to buy a pair of shoes, but there is none left in his or her size, this means that the shoes in that size are out of stock. Whenever the shop owner makes them available again, the potential customer will receive a push notification message that the shoes they wanted are back in stock and ready to be purchased.



How does BestPush’s back-in-stock service work?

What BestPush does is that it provides a clickable button on each of your products’ webpages. Whenever a customer checks a product and finds it out of stock, they can click on that button we mentioned to be notified when it’s available to be purchased again.

As the shop owner, you will be able to see — in your BestPush panel — how many times people have requested for a back-in-stock alert for each product. You can sort this list by the most requested ones or the latest requested ones to get a better insight on what people are interested in. Based on this, you will be able to know which products you should make available again. In other words, maybe it doesn’t make much sense to go through all the trouble and restock a product that only one or two people want. Instead, you can focus on providing the more wanted products. However, this decision totally depends on the size of your store and the average number of your customers.

If you decide to restock a product, based on the information you have seen on your BestPush panel, the people who have clicked on the back-in-stock button on the product page will receive a web push notification that what they wanted is available again.

You will also be able to see the reports on these notifications in your panel, and see how successful they were in increasing your sales and revenue.

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