How to Write a Good Message?

How to Write a Good Message?



Writing a good message copy when your means of communication are messages, is vital to the success of your campaigns. There are a couple of things you can do to make your messages good enough so that they do what you expect from them, and we will help you get there.

Good messages sent as push notifications can have a significant impact on the increment of the engagement rate with your business. Good push notifications can intrigue people to take an action immediately or help you stay at the top of the mind of your potential customers. So, focusing on improving what you send as push notifications to your customers is really important.

What you should do first is to find a tone for your business. Is it casual? Or are you a seller of antiques and want to have a more professional tone with your customers? Are you running a small business or your brand is well-known?

These questions should be answered considering the personality of your customers. You need to find a tone balanced between what your business stands for and what your customers like. This will help you create a solid brand that customers love. And when they hear from you or get your push notifications, they go like “Aha!”, because they know how you sound like and what you mean.

So, before you can write a good message, you need to think a little more about your business. Think about how you are making a difference with your products and services, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can communicate them.

Push notifications are short messages that reach people on their electronic devices. If you are using them as a means of communication with your customers, you need to tell your message in a short and clear way. To have good messages, you should keep your language simple and actionable, so that potential customers understand what you want to say in a few seconds and act on it.

There is a character limit on how much of a push notification is shown on the device. So, if you write messages that are too long, they will not be shown entirely. This has two downsides: first, the customer will not know what you wanted to say, and second, the customer will be annoyed because they are seeing a message they can’t read.


writing good push notification
writing good push notification

A Short and Clear Message


Be Persuasive

When you are messaging your potential customers, you should be persuading them to take action within your shop. So, it’s important to make it clear what you are offering them (for example, a special discount) and what they can do next (for example visit a specific page of your shop’s website).

Although, make sure that the way you are telling your customers what you want them to do next is in line with the tone of your business.


suitable messages for communication
suitable messages for communication

A Message that Calls for Your Action


Which Tone is Required for a Good Message and push notification in Each Shop?


1) Clothing and accessories:

If you are selling dresses, shoes, or fashionable earrings, you can choose a young and friendly tone for the way you communicate with your customers. Your customers are probably generation Y and Z that are more familiar with online shopping, and using a casual language can help you connect with them better.



A Casual Message for the Young Audience


2) Toy shops:

A 5-year-old kid does not have access to computers or phones, and more importantly, does not know how to buy things online. So, it is safe to say that if you sell toys, your potential customers are the parents, and you shouldn’t use a childish tone with them (even though you are selling products for kids). Keep it cool and simple.


3) Hardware stores:

Your customers are definitely adults, and what you are selling is also not that fun! You need to keep a serious and professional tone with your potential customers, and address their needs with your offers and messages. You need to show them that your products meet their expectations and help them at the times of need.


4) Herbal products:

Let people know how good and environmentally friendly your products are, and why they should use them. You need to pick a professional, but special tone, because your products are also special. Special offers are also a good way to persuade your potential customers to make a purchase, because your products might be completely new to them.


5) Travelling:

If you are offering products related to travelling, from special tickets and hotel packages to tents and suitcases, we advise you to pick an inspiring tone for your messages. Travel enthusiasts are after new experiences and inspirations, and if you make them feel that you understand what they are looking for, they will become your loyal customers.


6) Books and CDs:

Based on the genres you are selling, you can choose a tone for your communications. And if you are selling a wide range of books or CD’s that are not classified into one genre, you can just keep a professional tone with your customers.



A Professional Message


There are a number of template messages that notifications have created for you in your panel. These messages were created based on our experience in the business, but based on what you are offering in your shop, you can always tailor them to your needs.




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