Emails vs. Push Notifications

Emails vs. Push Notifications



When potential customers seem really interested in purchasing a specific product that is out of stock, they can tell you that they want to be notified when you make that product available again.

So, it’s really good to provide this option for them and contact them when you have their desired product back in stock. Why? Because the more people buy from you, the more your revenues will be.

But how can you notify your potential customers when you have something back in stock?

These are the two most used channels for this goal. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make a better decision when choosing a messaging automation service for your business.


1) Emails:


To be able to send emails to your customers, you need to have their email addresses and their permission to send promotional emails. However, emails are mainly used for professional purposes and people don’t like to see a lot of irrelevant promotional emails in their inboxes. They might not even feel confident giving you their email addresses. Now, let’s say they have only visited your shop once or twice. Why would they want to give you their email address?

Emails are larger in size and can be very descriptive, and this is good in a way that you are not limited to a number of characters and you can guide them for the next steps of their purchase within the same email. They can also include images and designs, and make the person reading them interested.

However, the person on the receiving side needs to open it, to be impressed. The average opening rate for promotional emails is about 15%, and your chances of getting to your customers are very low.

Emails are not that urgent. So, if your product is limited in quantity, by the time potential customers read your email and visit your shop again, they might find out that it has gone out of stock again and become annoyed.

Email providers like Gmail and outlook filter messages and there is a chance that your emails might end up in people’s spam folders. So, they will probably never check your emails and all of your efforts will be lost.

Emails vs. Push Notifications


2) Push Notifications Message:


Push Notifications are short messages that show up on electronic devices, like computers and mobile phones — Web push notifications are the ones that show up on computer browsers. These messages have limitations on the number of characters that can be used in them. So, if you are sending them to your potential customers, you need to be very precise.

Push notifications can be delivered the first time the customer opens their browser, without having to visit your website to receive them. So, their delivery is easier than emails.

Push notifications can become annoying if not sent in the right way and too frequently. People might ignore and delete promotional emails without unsubscribing from them, but they don’t show the same behavior towards push notifications. If they become annoying and irrelevant, your potential customers will immediately unsubscribe from receiving them.

A/B testing (testing different versions of something) is so much easier with push notifications. With a smart service like BestPush, you can easily test and find the best notification for users.

Push notifications also convey a sense of urgency, and customers will take action after seeing them. If your product has limited availability, push notifications are the best way to go. And no need to worry about being considered spam, like emails, because if people give you permission to send push notifications they will absolutely see it on their browsers.

More importantly, people can opt-in for receiving notifications with a simple click, without having to give their personal information to you. This makes push notifications a more appealing option to communicate with customers.


So, What Happens In BestPush’s Notification Service?


If someone wants to buy one of your products, but there is none left of it, this means that the product is out of stock. Whenever the shop owner makes them available again, the potential customer will receive a push notification message that their desired product is back in stock and ready to be purchased. 

The notification will have a sense of emergency and persuade the potential customer to click and go to the products page. BestPush will also provide you with reports on how these notifications are performing and how many of them have resulted in sales.


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